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Male infertility treatment

Male infertility treatment

In todays era  around 40% cases of infertility cases  are due to male infertility.

There are many  factors which can lead to male infertility.Male fertility assesment is usually  done by some hormonal tests and a semen analysis.

Semen analysis will tell about sperm count, sperm motility & morphology.

Depending upon the cause treatment is being offered. Antioxidants can help in  improving sperm count and motility. Medicines are prescribed to correct hormonal imbalance.

Some males have nil sperm count known as azoospermia. There are many causes for the same , a detailed analysis will help in searching out for the cause. If the sperm are being produced in the testis and are absent in semen then sperm can be retrieved surgically from the testis and can help the man to father his biological child.


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