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IVF or Invitro fertilization is commonly known as test tube baby.In this procedure eggs and sperms are fertilized outside the body in a highly specialised laboratory. The embroys thus formed are then transferred into women womb .


  • Women with blocked/damaged  tubes.
  • Male factor where the sperm count is low or when the sperms are retrieved from testis.
  • Elderly females where eggs reserve is diminished.-
  • Unexplained  prolonged infertility
  • Diseases like polycystic ovaries, endometriosis when all other treatment  modalities fails.


In this procedure hormonal injections are given to female for 10-15 days which leads to multiple eggs formation. These eggs are then collected with the help of needle transvaginally through ultrasound guidance under anaesthesia. The collected eggs are then fertilized with sperms in a specialized IVF laboratory. These fertilized eggs are then monitored for 3-5 days in laboratory.The embroys thus formed are then transferred inside the women uterus with the help of small cathether. After 14 days of embryo transfer pregnancy test is done to confirm the pregnancy.


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