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Slide ABOUT US Dr. Priya Varshney is certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology along with Reproductive
Endocrinology and Infertility. She completed her fellowship
in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) from JISNH,
Chandigarh. In addition to being in private practice
at Dr. Priya Varshney Clinic, she has an experience of over 8 years.

Psychology Therapy

Psychotherapy is to spend time with a trained therapist to help diagnose the problems.

Restoring Confidence

We can learn to rebuild and sustain confidence through its natural ebbs and flow.

Work Improvements

Improve the productivity and performance improvement systems that are time-consuming.


Tackle the challenge of delivering health care

We offer reasonable pricing health care plans, insurance packages to clients.
Dr. Priya Varshney Clinic provides treatment to patients with different reproductive needs. We provide treatment for female &male infertility, IUI, IVF, donor services, surrogacy as well as treatment of many other reproductive problems.

Being the compassionate mother herself, Dr. Varshney understands the emotional turmoil couples go through when having difficulty in getting pregnant. Her mission is to provide supportive and patient-oriented services in a relaxed and hassle-free manner. After knowing the patients’ problems in detail, treatment options are discussed with the couples to ensure that they receive the best medical care and support that are solely based on her individual needs. Patients at Dr. Priya Varshney Clinic receive excellent medical care and guidance that are result oriented especially tailored to meet the individual needs of the patients.

We make sure to keep physical, emotional, and financial considerations in mind to determine which treatment option will best suit you to accomplish your goal. We also offer flexible visiting hours to accommodate the needs of working patients and their partners.

Our Services

Managed fertility solutions

For things like customer service, medical care, billing, we have made commitments to providing an exceptionally comprehensive experience.
Intra uterine insemination
Laproscopy & Hysteroscopy

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